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How decorate a room with helium-free balloons

Nowadays, it is rare to see any holiday be complete with out balloon decorations. Decorations can be purchased by professional companies – they make use of Helium to fill spheres with or to make compositions – specific equipment and methods. For professional balloon decorations, you should definitely check out this assortment

But such an order could cost you a significant amount of money. Are you looking to reduce your expenses and still have your party decorated elegantly? Learn to decorate your space with simple balloons, which aren’t filled with helium, using the help of your hands. Therefore, you’ll only need to pay for the balloons themselves , and the smallest amount of consumables like tape, ribbons threads, decorative items, threads. The rest is yours to do as well as your imagination and time.

What can you do to create a beautiful room with balloons that are free of helium for birthdays or any other event? There are some simple methods that everyone is able to learn to master. The most important thing is to be organized, cautious and creative. We are confident that you’ll succeed!

How to decorate a space by using balloons: the process

Before moving on to the decor of the room, you should draw an approximate plan for the work. To accomplish this, sketch the desired design on a piece of paper, drawing out the space and then placing the resultant design. It is possible to decorate the ceiling, walls, windows and doors, furniture. Once you have your drawing completed you can purchase all the materials needed to complete the project.

What is the most important thing? Only a few items:

  • Latex balloons or foil balloons in the quantity required (it is best to purchase them in advance, since balloons could explode);
  • String used to keep the balloons in place
  • A pump that fills the balloons
  • hooks, scotch tape (they are available in construction stores and come with an adhesive base, which after the holiday , they’ll be easy to get rid of);
  • colored markers to draw papers, decorations for paper, transparent fabrics (organza and the tulle) and many other ornaments.

When all the essential items have been purchased, you are able to start the process.

Create your own decorations 

How do you decorate a room with balloons that do not require Helium

Helium balloons are easy to use as they can fly to the ceiling. With the help of weights with different weights, they are able to be placed in any kind of space. To do similar things with regular balloons, you need to look for ways.

How can you decorate a space with balloons and not use Helium?

 Here we’ll look at the most well-known and simple decorating concepts. However, even without any special methods to decorate the space can be done. For instance, by using large inflatable figures, or scattering balloons with inflation over the ground. Each balloon can be connected to chairs, hung with a sturdy thread to form an ornamental garland, or hanging on the walls. For those who want an innovative method to embellish your space by using balloons filled with air, make easy-to-follow designs.

The balloons can be used to decorate a room arrangements, flowers and palm trees

Making floral and other plant elements made from balloons is a simple option, and the resulting compositions are very attractive. They are perfect to be used for a children’s birthday party (for instance, the birthday party or for a gathering of a baby’s mother and his mother who is in the hospital) as well as for a girl’s birthday party, or for any other celebrations for children. There are numerous ways to make flower arrangements from balloons. One method is to connect groups of many balloons with similar dimensions, color and shape (these are the petals) and small balloon (the center) and a larger balloon (stem but it’s not necessary). Join the balloons with and then thread them together. If you create bouquets of stems, they can be put together to create bouquets. Include flowers with different shades of A bouquet that looks like a child’s.

Flowers that do not have stems can be hung from the walls or on the ceiling. Utilize hooks or scotch tape to fix the flowers. If hanging flowers from the ceiling, make use of strings of various lengths. They have a stylish appearance and make the décor appear larger.

How can you decorate a space with balloons , without the use of Helium? Create a palm tree of balloons. The trunk is made by connecting together in series of simple elements (four small balloons are joined to form an elongated image). These trunks are stable and simple to decorate. Palm tree leaves are twelve air-filled, long small balls. It’s not necessary to stick with the traditional colors. Palm trees can be made using blue, orange, or red leaves. They appear very unique and distinctive.

The room can be decorated by balloons made of clouds, but with no helium

You can create the appearance of the appearance of a balloon suspended in air with no using helium. Create a collection of air-filled balls into a cloud by connecting balls of various sizes with the same color, or in similar tones. It could be a clear cloud or an extremely dark, storm-like cloud. The finished cloud can be hung on hangers strung with strings and then fix it to the ceiling with hooks or tape. To make the cloud-like look appear more natural, accent it by putting down rain – cut droplets and strung over long threads. Clouds like this will be a great complement to the festive season in the manner in the movies “Masha and the bear”, “Winnie the Pooh” and “Fairies”.