Do You Lover Her? 10 Sings to Notice

Relationships bring both partners a storm of vivid emotions: a kind of madness, euphoria, passion, sexual attraction, tenderness, regret, sadness. Meet best Kiev girls for chat online.When you feel attraction, you probably pursue some goals, and when you love, you are ready to sacrifice and give.

At the beginning of the relationship, people don’t know each other enough. Perhaps charisma, appearance, intelligence, sexuality, or general interest attracted them. At the end of the honeymoon period, the time of insight comes. Emotions fade into the background, the mind “wakes up”. Questions arise: “Will she be a good wife”, “Are we good in bed?”, “Will it be interesting with her in a year?”, “Should I try vip women for dating and look for someone better?” If you have similar thoughts, this doesn’t mean that there is no love. Just we all want specifics in life. So, to understand your feelings, consider the signs that are described below.   

What is love?

This bright feeling doesn’t arise just like that. Attachment, devotion, touching, and caring can’t be destroyed or questioned by the surrounding events or the opinions of relatives and friends. We trust our inner conviction, while not denying that our loved ones have flaws and are far from the ideal. The main thing in the formation of deep feelings is friendship. True friends can eventually become the ideal husband and wife. But lovers who put sex at the heart of the relationship will never become friends.

It is not necessary to shout about it all over the world. Relationships shouldn’t be demonstrative at all. Everyone differently reveals to each other – someone calmly hugs and kisses in public places, the other is embarrassed and blushes with a kiss, preferring to show emotions in private. It doesn’t matter how this happens. The main thing is attention and care. To understand whether you love a person or not, just analyze your behavior. Actions, words, and the reaction of the chosen one will indicate the true meaning of the relationship.

Signs you love her

We are often not sure of our feelings: is it just attraction or have we really finally found our soulmate? Consider these 10 signs, which will help you better understand your feelings.

  1. You want to be constantly together

We can safely call the sensations that we experience being with a loved one of the main factors of love. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend together. The main thing is what emotions you experience next to a person. When you are together, you forget about everything. Nothing bothers you, your mind is relaxed. You always have time for each other. You will not be tired of being near this person, even if you are constantly silent. You just feel good. You are happy to be with her.

  • You accept her for who she is

To accept a woman with all the shortcomings, to learn to appreciate her good and bad sides – this is what it means to love. If you intend to change your loved one, impose on her your opinion (though correct one but unusual), then you have egoism and misunderstanding, which is impossible with a high feeling.

  • You think about her when you wake up

The first thoughts at the time of awakening will help you understand how much you love a woman. You wake up and write to her “Good morning, honey”, you check when she was online, and you want to hear her voice as soon as possible. These are sincere feelings.

  • Her interests are important for you

Egoism is inherent in every person. It is laid down in us by nature itself at the level of instinct. But when we fall in love, everything changes. When you have sincere feelings for your girlfriend, your own interests go by the background. You start to adapt to it. You like the same hobby that your woman is engaged in, watch the same shows, even start thinking the same way. Thus, you become the closest friend for her, her supporter in life. You will always be ready to support a woman, make a sacrifice for her sake, you will rejoice at her success and be sad about her failures.

  • You are ready for self-sacrifice

What could be nobler than sacrifice in the name of love? In a relationship where sincere feelings reign, each partner is ready to come to the rescue of the other. And they will do it disinterestedly, without expectation for anything in return. So, when you are ready to wake up early in the morning, cook breakfast so that your woman can sleep for a couple of minutes longer (although you hate cooking, but you do it for her), and do other things that are not typical for you, thus you show your love.

  • Others see your love

Since a person in love is often “blind,” it is the attitude of society that very often becomes a kind of indicator of honesty of feelings. This is such a test of authenticity, so you shouldn’t quarrel with your parents if they don’t approve of your choice. Friends and acquaintances, of course, may be mistaken, but perhaps their point of view is an occasion to reflect and prevent the biggest mistake in their life. And if they say that you have changed, look better, and in general, there is a spark in your eyes, then you are a happy person, that is, you love.

  • You can’t live without each other

The test of parting is a win-win (albeit a little cruel) test for feelings. The absence of a loved one will aggravate true love and will kill a false one. When you love, you will not be able to fill the void with anyone else. You will be constantly sad and anxious. What if she meets someone else?

  • You can’t lie to her

It’s hard for you to tell even the smallest and most innocent lie to her. You don’t want her to be upset or to feel that she can’t trust you. After all, you perfectly understand that it is not so easy to regain trust if you lose it.

  • You trust her

This is one of the main signs of deep and serious intentions. If you are not afraid to tell your loved one about your joys or sorrows, you always provide support, don’t hide anything, and can fully trust, then this speaks of harmony and mutual understanding. If you want to hide part of your life from a girlfriend, you are unlikely to take her seriously.

  1. You want her

This is the most controversial symptom. Some psychologists say that there is a platonic connection that doesn’t involve physical contact between people. They say that loving people want to feel, see, hear, and not just satisfy “animal instincts”. On the other hand – attraction and love are closely interconnected. It is right and natural. Lovers should want to touch each other, to experience passion and excitement. If this is not the case, it is unlikely that the relationship will last on banal conversations over a cup of tea.

Biological ways to understand your feelings

We also recommend considering physiology because people, like all mammals, appreciate the attractiveness of partners in terms of smells, movements, appearance, and other biological aspects. Let’s understand our feelings in a scientific way!

  • You should like the natural smell of this woman. If you feel a surge of warm feelings, and not disgust, smelling the body and hair of this woman, you can definitely say that she is attractive to you!
  • You want to touch her and generally be at a close distance. It includes hugging, stroking, touching, sleeping close, etc. If the touch for some reason began to cause hostility, then there is an objective reason to think about your feelings.
  • You are not annoyed by her manner of moving and facial expressions.
  • You think she is beautiful (and not from the point of view of generally accepted standards of beauty). Of course, not everyone we can consider beautiful can evoke feelings in us, but if we fall in love with someone, we will certainly begin to find aesthetically attractive features in their appearance.
  • She turns you on. The fading of interest in sex with a person really means the fading of feelings, and vice versa.

Love is a strong feeling that is formed throughout the communication between two people. It doesn’t occur spontaneously and can’t stop even for a very significant reason. The concept is based on disinterestedness, fidelity, care, and sincere emotions when thinking about the significant other. If you have noticed envy, desire to possess, constant discontent, demands, and the word “must” in your relationships, you are most likely talking not about love, and habit and affection come to the fore. In this case, it is better to end everything immediately and not torment each other. You can always understand yourself and your feelings. It’s important to learn to listen to yourself more often. Then there will be much more harmony and happiness in your life. Allow yourself to dream and love. Take care of love because this is a valuable and expensive gift.